The Green Inferno

At last released in the Unites States (after much controversy, to say the least), The Green Inferno by director Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Grindhouse, Hostel) promises first-class horror entertainment. I didn’t watch it yet, but you can probably not go entirely wrong with this one. Plus, I wanted to the test the WordPress for iPhone app, so I needed to post a few lines quickly…


From Farm to Fridge

The 10 minutes documentary Farm to Fridge, originally published by Mercy for Animals, graphically summarizes the ordeal millions of animals have to go through day by day — until their meat finally lands on our plates.

This video contains scenes and images which are extremely disturbing.  I take cruelty and injustice very badly.  If you feel like me and believe you have seen similar documentaries in the past on how animals suffer on industrial farms and in slaughterhouses, then there is probably no point in torturing yourself again.

“The only good cage is an empty cage.”
— Lawrence Anthony, The Elephant Whisperer

If you haven’t … well, maybe it encourages you to buy meat only from farmers who treat their animals with respect and dignity — or to consider a vegetarian or vegan diet.   If you can’t do it always, then more and more often is a good start. ◻︎

Traffic Sign Cattle

The content of the following documentary is disturbing.  Viewer discretion is advised.

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Drogen : Amerikas längster Krieg 

Deutsche Fassung von Eugene Jareckis exzellenter Dokumentation „America’s Longest War” („The House I Live in”), 2013.

Drogen: Amerikas längster Krieg (3 Teile, Playlist)

Seit 1971 kostete der „Krieg gegen die Drogen“ über 1 Billion Dollar und führte zu 45 Millionen Verhaftungen und zu hunderttausenden Toten. Er machte Amerika zu dem Land mit den meisten Häftlingen der Welt.  Während der Drogenkrieg heute terroristische Organisationen in Afrika und Asien finanziert, blieb der Drogenkonsum in Amerika dennoch unverändert. Es kam aufgrund der Illegalität lediglich zu härteren und konzentrierteren Formen der Drogen.

Ausgezeichnete geschichtliche und gesellschaftliche Analyse der Ursachen und der Folgen der Prohibition. Jarecki schürft tief und erkennt selbst deren diskriminierenden und rassistischen Komponenten.  Er regt dazu an, alte Denkmuster über Bord zu werfen und ein System zu hinterfragen, das auf Unwissenheit, Unvernunft und zynischer Heuchelei beruht.

Eine der besten Dokumentationen, die jemals zu diesem Thema gemacht wurden.  Gewann unter anderem den Großen Preis der Jury beim Sundance Film Festival. ◻︎

Mac OS X : Add a Good French Dictionary to the Dictionary App

In Mac OS X, it is easy to display the definition of a word.  Simply mark a word, right-click on it and select „Look Up” or press ^⌘D.  Unfortunately, a good French dictionary is missing, even if you have the French language package installed.

In Mac OS X, mark a word (double-click), followed by „Look Up” or ^⌘D

Fortunately, it is possible to add dictionary plugins to the Dictionary application.  There used to be a good French dictionary, provided by, available in the public domain, but unfortunately all the relevant download links, such as this one, seem to be broken for quite some time.

However, after doing an extensive search, I managed to retrieve the package from the depths of the web.  I am relinking to the file, in case someone else should need it, too.  Simply download, extract and install. ◻︎

Dictionnaire de l'Académie Française
Dictionnaire de l’Académie Française