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Christian Anderle
c/o DreamHost Web Hosting
417 Associated Rd #324
Brea, CA 92821

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OTR Fingerprint:  7D2F7D06 09DA7414 DE40703E CF082EDD B46D1969

To initiate a secure live chat, you will need an instant messenger with XMPP support, such as Adium (Mac OS X) or Jitsi (Windows, Ubuntu).   Both of them come with OTR support right out of the box.  You can register a free Jabber account at many of these servers.

Contact.Form.Icon.54x54Secure Contact Form:
The most convenient way to contact me.  Simply complete the form, then hit the „Submit” button.  You may attach a file whose size must not exceed 2 MB.  Your message is automatically SSL encrypted.

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In case you wish to add strong PGP public key encryption, feel free to use my PGP key:

PGP Key Server:
PGP Key ID:  EB06C728  [Retrieve Key]
PGP Fingerprint:  AFB3 9617 96B8 28AE DA75 AB04 12B4 2FC4 EB06 C72

You will need a PGP compatible software, such as GPG Suite (Mac OS X), Gpg4win (Windows) or GnuPG (Ubuntu). ◻︎

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