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Elijah Muhammad: Message to the Blackman in America

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Book Summary of

Elijah Muhammad:
Message to the Blackman in America

The following is a brief summary that outlines some of the main points made by Elijah Muhammad in his 300-page book called Message to the Blackman in America. It was first printed in 1965 and then again in 1992 by United Brothers Communications Systems of Newport News, Virginia.

Elijah Muhammad makes many outlandish proclamations in his book, but it is important to keep in mind that the proclamations are mixed in with claims about discrimination that are true to varying degrees and that even when true to some degree, readers’ opinions would differ about the significance of such claims.

In his book, he says that he is a divine messenger who is warning blacks that they had better pledge to Nation of Islam’s version of Islam before Allah eliminates whites and non-believers in racial Armageddon. To understand the reasoning behind the belief in the eventual annihilation of whites, it is necessary to explore Elijah Muhammad’s interpretations of creation, of history, and of events from the 1960’s.

He says in his book that Allah created originally the blacks, next to the brown, red, and yellow races, and lastly the whites. A renegade black scientist named Yakub created the white race 6,000 years ago, and ever since then, the whites have ruled the other colors.

There are hints in the text that blacks are considered supreme over whites. After explaining that Yakub extracted the “brown germ” from the “black germ” and in turn grafted whites from the “brown germ,” the author says Yakub discovered that the “white . . . was the weaker of the black germ.” In discussing “Black Supremacy” versus “White Supremacy” the author says that “some must rule over the other. It is the law of nature.”

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When Terror Struck Norway…

Ole Dammegård, journalist, investigator and author, explains in this must-see video presentation why he believes that the 2011 Norway terror attacks ascribed to Anders Behring Breivik were a false flag operation by Western intelligence agencies with full cooperation of Norway’s Social-Democratic prime minister Jens Stoltenberg.

69 children participating at the Social-Democratic Workers’ Youth League (AUF) summer camp on the island of Utøya were murdered in
one of the worst terror attacks in Europe’s history.

If Ole Dammegård is right, then this is a smoking gun.

Image courtesy of AP, The Guardian •


Meet the Flat Earth Asshole

The Flat Earth Asshole, run by Jake Gibson, is one of the most funny, entertaining and authentic YouTube channels ever.  Jake just received a fake, unjustified copyright strike from American talk radio host John B. Wells, so I thought I’d put his channel up.

Jake is a YouTuber from Modesto, California, and holds a BA in Psychology, just in case you wonder.

Make sure to check his channel out.  You don’t need to subscribe to all his opinions to enjoy it.

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How to display YouTube Notifications instead of Google+ Notifications (and vice versa)

Since around October 2016, YouTube seems to display the notifications to some users in a different form.  The notification layout I am talking about looks like this:

The new notifications layout on YouTube, hitherto referred to as 'YouTube Notifications'
The new notifications layout on YouTube, referred to as ‘YouTube notifications layout’ or ‘new notifications layout’

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Rumsfeld, Kissinger Admit to Faking Moon Landing with Stanley Kubrick

Did you ever wonder whether the American government conquered the moon in 1969, the very year, where the best automobile any government could build was the Trabant P601?

Trabant P601, 1969. Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Trabant P601, 1969. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Or why the lunar module of Apollo 11 looks like a homeless Continue reading Rumsfeld, Kissinger Admit to Faking Moon Landing with Stanley Kubrick