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Activists of the EFF set Paul Kruger statue ablaze

November 2, 2016, around noon (GMT+2). Activists of the EFF of Julius Malema set the statue of Paul Kruger on Church Square, Pretoria, South Africa, ablaze. South African police forces present do not even attempt to stop the rioters.

Stephanus Johannes Paulus “Paul” Kruger (/ˈkruːɡər/; Dutch: [ˈkryɣər]; 10 October 1825 – 14 July 1904) was one of the dominant political and military figures in 19th-century South Africa, and President of the South African Republic (or Transvaal) from 1883 to 1900. Nicknamed Oom Paul (“Uncle Paul”), he came to international prominence as the face of the Boer cause—that of the Transvaal and its neighbour the Orange Free State—against Britain during the Second Boer War of 1899–1902.

Recording courtesy of Abraham J. Dewet.

The Roots of ISIL, Salafism and Wahabism

Narrated ibn ‘Umar as recorded in Sahih al-Bukhari:

The Prophet said, „O Allah! Bestow Your Blessings on our Syria! O Allah! Bestow Your Blessings on our Yemen.”
The people cried, “And also on our Najd.”
The Prophet repeated, „O Allah! Bestow Your Blessings on our Syria! O Allah! Bestow Your Blessings on our Yemen.”
The people cried again, “O Allah’s Apostle! And also on our Najd.”
Then, the Prophet said, „There is the place of earthquakes and afflictions; from there comes out the Horn of Satan.”

Brother Ismael, a former convert to Islam, was a Muslim for 16 years but in the past few years has been bothered by some serious reoccurring issues that have repeatedly forced him to question his Islamic faith, and recently he decided to finally leave Islam.

In the following two videos, brother Ismael — who has studied Islam extensively, learned Arabic, and lived for years in the Muslim world — explains what the ‚Horn of Satan’ is the above-mentioned Hadith warns about and why he believes that it refers to Wahabism and Salafism and to religious, political and terrorist groups which accept Continue reading The Roots of ISIL, Salafism and Wahabism

The Green Inferno

At last released in the Unites States (after much controversy, to say the least), The Green Inferno by director Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Grindhouse, Hostel) promises first-class horror entertainment. I didn’t watch it yet, but you can probably not go entirely wrong with this one. Plus, I wanted to the test the WordPress for iPhone app, so I needed to post a few lines quickly…


From Farm to Fridge

The 10 minutes documentary Farm to Fridge, originally published by Mercy for Animals, graphically summarizes the ordeal millions of animals have to go through day by day — until their meat finally lands on our plates.

This video contains scenes and images which are extremely disturbing.  I take cruelty and injustice very badly.  If you feel like me and believe you have seen similar documentaries in the past on how animals suffer on industrial farms and in slaughterhouses, then there is probably no point in torturing yourself again.

“The only good cage is an empty cage.”
— Lawrence Anthony, The Elephant Whisperer

If you haven’t … well, maybe it encourages you to buy meat only from farmers who treat their animals with respect and dignity — or to consider a vegetarian or vegan diet.   If you can’t do it always, then more and more often is a good start. ◻︎

Traffic Sign Cattle

The content of the following documentary is disturbing.  Viewer discretion is advised.

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